The Art of Being RUTH

RUTH Photo

Ruth has had a rich and varied background. She began her painting career in oils at the age of 12. Although Ruth taught philosophy and humanities at York University, she has also spent time as a laborer doing construction, field and factory jobs. In addition, Ruth has worked with autistic and emotionally disturbed children through the Mellon Foundation in New York, and as a research fellow at Seattle's University Hospital.

Ruth credits these periods in her life, as well as her time spent as director at a private school in early education, as being influential to the development of her artistic style.

"I'm fascinated by the freedom of children before they develop an inner critic. My best work is an interaction with my excitement for life -- my sense of being alive -- projected through color and free movement. Painting allows me to experience the thrill of creation. I'm very affected by the world. My paintings aren't just art; they're emotion, reflecting both visible and unseen energy."

Ruth's artwork has been featured throughout the Pacific Northwest, as well as in shows in New York and New Mexico, where she now resides. If you would like to contact her personally, or to schedule a public or private showing of her paintings, just send an email. To view some examples of her work, please access the links below.

To See Again is a coffee table book you can view in its entirety online. This gallery shows some of Ruth's form-based paintings. Some of her popular modern art works are featured in the following three galleries.
Gallery #1
Gallery #2
Gallery #3